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Legendary Samurai - Miyamoto Musashi

  2 Legendary Samurai - Sasaki Kojiro
  3 Legendary Samurai - Minamoto Yoshiie
  4 Legendary Samurai - Taira Masakado

Castle Defences
An overview of Japanese castle defence systems using Himeji Castle as an example

  6 Gutsy Girl Samural - Hangaku
  7 Gutsy Girl Samural - Nakano Takeko
  8 Gutsy Girl Samural - Tomoe Gozen
  9 Sword testing on Criminals
  10 Seppuku
  11 The Samurai Duel - An Eye Witness Account
    Samurai Armour
    A Day In the Life of a Samurai Warrior
    The Book of Five Rings









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