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  Teachers Notes Teachers Notes for Book 1: White Crane  


  Webquest How to Build a Samurai Ryu  
  Presentation Powerpoint Presentation on the cultural, geographic and social aspects of feudal Japan as seen in Samurai Kids  
  Presentation How to Write a Book - from idea to bookshelf (content to be uploaded soon)  


  Fact Sheets Fact Sheets to download. Sample topics include Castle defences, Famous Samurai, Gutsy Girl Samurai, Seppuku and more  
  Interviews Interviews with people such as Dr Riley Lee (Australia's first Grand Master of the Shakuhach), Rhian Nest James (illustrator)  
  Classroom Craft Make a samurai helmet or mask, do a wordsearch, practise origami or colour in  
  One Act Play Download a one act play (Content to be uploaded soon)  
  Newsletter Interesting facts about feudal Japan supported by a sheet of classroom ideas